Friday, August 21, 2015

This week's place is....


How are you? How is everything?
I am sending you this post from Florida this week on my vacation :)

As promised last week I said I would love to go places where culture, history and things for tourists seem amazing!

This week I am choosing places I would love to go to!

Enjoy! :)

^ London always has drawn me in, I want to go so badly and have for years! It's on the list. Let's just say since the Royal Wedding and the Olympics the desire is even larger! (This gets two pictures since no matter the size they seem to keep coming up grainy).

Image result for italy

^ Italy I want to go here so badly as well! (This deemed two pictures just for the heck of it!). What doesn't seem awesome and picturesque about Italy?! To me, not a thing!

Hope you guys have a nice weekend! Talk to you next week.
Kristin :)

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