Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's eyecandy


How is everyone? I hope you're all doing well! Everything is going pretty well in my 'world' just ridiculously busy the past few weeks, I could really use some recovery time to just sleep and chill. Things have been so crazy I haven't even really had much time to write anything new for the next book :( but I have been working on some ideas for other ones :) I guess that's the silver lining....

Anyway since it's Friday I know why you all are here, to see the hottie of the week.

Ready for some eyecandy?

Enjoy! ;)

In honor of the NHL playoffs.....

Taylor Pyatt - Phoenix Coyotes  #23 of Top 30 Hottest NHL Players (I knew I would like Hockey)

Chris Higgins nope, still hate Vancouver, but wouldn't mind slamming him against a wall

Have a nice weekend!

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